Client Services

Why using TLA Group for temporary recruitment is beneficial to you:

  • Provides you with immediate help to fulfil emergency needs
  • Enables you to call upon specialist skills for a planned project
  • Provides replacement cover when you have staff who have left the business
  • Reduces the bureaucracy of recruitment
  • Offers the ability to try the employee ahead of a formal appointment

In short this offers you total flexibility in terms of cash flow and workloads.

In addition we carry out all of the mandatory pre-recruitment checks in order that your new recruit can hit the ground running.

If you are recruiting permanent staff here’s 5 reasons why you’d benefit from using TLA Group:

  • Help you to focus on your core business
  • Keep your recruitment or growth strategy secure from your competitors
  • Help you maintain contact with the specialist skilled candidates
  • Keep you informed of the identity of talent that is becoming available
  • Help you reduce the hidden cost of recruitment

In addition we offer all of our clients’ free replacements and refunds*.

If that’s not enough to convince you there are many more reasons for using a specialist recruiter, please feel free to contact us for more reasons and we’ll make your recruitment experience a cost effective, hassle free experience.

(*subject to our standard terms of business, details of which can be requested).