TLA – The Locum Agency fully support the SAFERjobs initiative!!

What is the SAFERjobs initiative?

SAFERjobs initiative has been prompted by the Recruitment industry in the hope that we can eradicate criminal activity.  The SAFERjobs initiative brings interested parties together to tackle any issues and unlawful activity.  You will find a range of information on the SAFERjobs website about the various methods that can be used to scam and cheat jobseekers.


What should raise alarm bells?

  • Undisclosed costs – for example, being charged a fee for searching for a role.  You should not be asked to pay a fee for an agency to assist in a job search,
  • Withheld Contracts or Confirmations – you must receive, regardless of your status or your working hours, a contract.  Whether the role is part time, full time, temporary, contract or whatever, you should receive written details of what your contract entails.
  • Payments - You have a right to be paid 


The Metropolitan Police, MPs, Government Departments such as DWP, Recruiters and just about every organisation involved in the employment chain are part of SAFERjobs, and TLA are member and we are members because we believe in the initiative. 

Please click on the link below to take you to the SAFERjobs website.  Here you will learn more about how to protect yourself and the measures being taken to wipe out recruitment fraud.